Box Basics


Box sizes are expressed in three dimensions, Length (L), Width (W) and Depth or Height (D) with the units of measure being inches or millimeters.

When you first open a box the Depth (D) is the dimension as if you were reaching into the box with your hand so as to touch the bottom.

The Length (L) and Width (W) represent the size of the opening of the box. The larger of the two dimensions is considered the Length and the shorter the Width.

If that’s confusing, just measure the part that goes in the box; Package Crafters will take care of the rest.

Measure a Box
Is "Cardboard" the same thing as Corrugated?

Even though people often refer to "Corrugated Cartons" as "Cardboard Boxes," they're really not the same thing. A corrugated sheet, which we convert into a box, is usually made of three layers of paper: two facings connected by a middle layer of corrugating medium. The corrugating medium is the wavy layer and comes in a variety of “flutes,” the number of waves in a linear foot. Flutes are offered in different profiles (heights): A, C, B, E, and F and even micro flutes. Larger flute profiles like C and A deliver greater vertical compression strength and cushioning. Smaller flute profiles like E and B provide better structural and printing capabilities for retail packaging. All this in combination with your design is part of the our process to customize your box just for your product. It's so much more than just a cardboard box. In comparison, a cardboard box like a cereal box is really just one layer of thick paper folded into a shape that can hold a bag cereal.

Is Cardboard the same thing as Corrugated
What is an RSC?

RSC stands for Regular Slotted Container, and it simply means that the flaps meet in the middle on both the top and bottom of the box.

What is an RSC
What is an FOL?

FOL stands for Full Over Lap; this is a carton that the top and bottom flaps fully overlap on both the top and bottom of the box.

What is an FOL
Is my shipping method important to know at the time of package design?

Yes, absolutely! Cartons that are unitized and stretch-wrapped in palletized shipments are treated differently than those shipped as single packages. The best design takes the delivery method and distance shipped into consideration.

How do I know what board grade to use?

Endless custom strength solutions are available. Our team of technical-based sales executive and designers can determine the most cost effective and efficient board grade for your project. Common grade specifications are displayed in the following chart.


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